Snowboarder hitting rails in the terrain park with the lift chair above them

Terrain Park Safety and Etiquette

The Terrain Park runs the entire length of the Sundance chairlift and features a variety of jumps, rails, boxes, and urban hits. Start small and work your way up increasing the difficulty gradually, do not attempt maneuvers that are well beyond your ability. 

Terrain Park Signage

You will find the following signs before and in the Terrain Park. Please read and understand all signs. Click on the below image to enlarge. Click on the below images to view in full screen.

Freestyle TerrainPark LevelsInverted Aerials Not RecommendedHelmets are recommended

Terrain Park Etiquette - The SmartStyle 5

1. Start Smart
Start small and work your way up, build your skills.

2. Make A Plan
For every feature, every time.

3. Always Look
Before you drop and call your drop in. Make sure to inspect every feature before you hit it. Keep landings clear, if you fall or see someone fall block the feature off.

4. Respect
The features, other users and the Park Crew staff. 
Rail takeoffs are used to get onto the rail not as a separate jump.

5. Take it Easy
Know your limit, keep within it.
If someone falls in a landing clear the area as soon as possible, or block the takeoff with an X if possible.