Couple having an intimate dinner in Sun Peaks

Folks around here are passionate about skiing and snowboarding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a memorable getaway into the Sun Peaks mountains without skis or a board in tow.

There’s tons to keep you as busy as you want to be in our great outdoors and plenty of great indoor options, too! Meet Chioma and Matt from just down the road in Kamloops, and find out how they made the most of their Valentine’s Day visit to Sun Peaks earlier this winter without skis or snowboards - in five simple steps.

📸 Photography by Zuzy Rocka  |  Follow Chioma @chiomadarahani

couple enjoying the view in their room at sun peaks

#1: Book a room with a view 

Plenty of Sun Peaks accommodations feature scenic views and balcony options, so you can enjoy your slice of heaven in private.

Matt & Chioma opted to stay right in the village at the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre, with a view of Mt. Tod and close proximity to everything they had planned for their visit.

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Matt and Chioma's balcony view from the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre

#2: Try something new 

With so many activities to choose from in Sun Peaks, why not try something new during your visit?

Chioma and Matt were new to skating, and got rentals at our covered skating rink in the village before giving it a shot. This makes for a fun couples experience regardless of your ability levels (especially if you’re both beginners).

Find a new winter activity to try

couple putting on skates in sun peaks

couple skating in sun peaks

Take a dog sled tour through the Sun Peaks forests for a unique adventure. Odds are you’ll meet your new best friend along the way too, because meeting the dogs (and puppies if you're lucky) is a huge part of the experience.

#3: Don’t sink – snowshoe!

Snowshoeing is a terrific alternative to skiing and snowboarding that allows you to explore a bit further off trail without ski boots or a chairlift.

Rentals and trail maps are available at the Activity Centre in the Village Day Lodge, and different tours are offered to show you more of the area on foot.

explore sun peaks on snowshoes

couple snowshoeing in sun peaks

#4: Leave time to relax

You’re not rushing out for first chair, so what’s your hurry?

Schedule some time to kick back and relax during your busy day in Sun Peaks, so there’s time to slow down and enjoy your surroundings - and each other. Treat yourselves to a spa treatment, take a yoga class together, or hop in your accommodation's hot tub like Matt and Chioma did in the Sun Peaks Grand's slope-side spa.

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Slopeside hot tubs at the Sun Peaks Grand

couple going out for dinner in sun peaks

#5: Make dinner reservations somewhere intimate

Everyone has a different definition of an intimate dinner, and you'll find just the right spot in Sun Peaks.

Whether you prefer fancy, casual, or somewhere in-between, check out menus online and call in advance to make a reservation. Each restaurant offers a different ambiance, so you can find a dining experience that's just right for you.

Dining and AprÈs in Sun Peaks

Dining out at Mantle's in the heart of the Sun Peaks village
Dining out at Mantle's in the heart of the Sun Peaks village