Member Related Questions

What is the purpose of a resort association?

The Mountain Resort Associations Act, under which Tourism Sun Peaks is governed, states “The purposes of an association are to promote, facilitate and encourage the development, maintenance and operation of a mountain resort area.” To accomplish this, Tourism Sun Peaks collects membership assessments fees to advertise and market the resort on behalf of its members.

Am I obliged to be a member of Tourism Sun Peaks?

Yes. All owners within the recreational area of Sun Peaks are mandatory members of Tourism Sun Peaks. Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Association (dba Tourism Sun Peaks) is listed on title and membership is mandatory. Under the Mountain Resort Association Act Tourism Sun Peaks has the right to file a certificate of levy against the property until such time as the fees are paid in full.

I am in the process of having my home/condo built. At what point must I begin paying my fees?

Once a property is substantially complete and free from any health and safety issues, assessments will begin.

I do not make my unit available for nightly rentals yet I am being charged business fees, why?

Some properties have a limited owner use rental covenant registered on title. These properties are subject to both common and business fees regardless if the unit is made available for nightly rentals or not. The only exception to this rule is if the registered owner(s) make the unit their principle residence. In that case a notarized statutory declaration form is required to be filed with Tourism Sun Peaks. These properties currently include Crystal Forest, Fireside Lodge, Kookaburra Lodge, Snow Creek Village, Stone's Throw, Settlers Crossing, Trapper's Landing, and Woodhaven.

When are my assessments due by?

Quarterly assessments are due within 30 days of the invoice date.

I am selling my unit, what is the process I should follow?

Notification in writing must be submitted to Tourism Sun Peaks. Prior to the sale, your account fees must be paid in full. Notification and payment may be coordinated through your lawyer. To access detailed information for your property sale click here.

What are the options to pay my assessment fees?

Membership fees can be paid by: cheque, credit card or online. Pre-authorized debits and credit card payments are also available. We are listed as Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Association through most banks. To set up pre-authorized payment of your account, download a form here.

How are my assessments calculated?

Assessments are based on the number of sleeping rooms, the use of the unit and whether the property has a rental covenant. Each sleeping room is assessed at two assessment units. Your quarterly assessments will be calculated for you when you register as a member.

I do not rent out my unit or have a business. Why am I subject to these fees and what is the benefit to me?

Property values in the past ten years have substantially increased due in a large part to the advertising and promotional efforts of Tourism Sun Peaks.

I own a commercial property and do not have any sleeping rooms. How are my assessments calculated?

Commercial properties are divided into two types. 1) Office and restaurant space; and 2) All other commercial space. Assessments are based on the public commercial square meters of a property and divided by 15 for office and restaurant space and by 7.5 for all other commercial space. Public commercial square meters includes all areas that customers have access to excluding washroom corridors and stairwells.


Central Reservations Questions

What services are provided by Central Reservations?

  • We are a referral booking agency that books units on the owners/management company’s behalf (a 17% commission is charged based on guests’ departure).
  • Inclusion in the official web site of Sun Peaks Resort.
  • One stop shopping for guests which includes booking accommodation, activities and shuttles.
  • Information on events, activities, accommodation, and general inquiries for guests and members.

What services are not provided by Central Reservations?

Because we are a referral service, we currently do not process payments, send out confirmations, or clean units. If anyone requires these services, we do have a business directory that will provide phone numbers of companies that do provide these services.

What do I need to be represented by Central Reservations?

In order to become affiliated with Central Reservations, there are a few requirements:

  • You must be a member in good standing with Tourism Sun Peaks
  • An onsite mountain contact is needed in case of any emergencies within the unit, ei. plugged toilets, water leaks, etc.
  • A contract as well as Code of Ethics needs to be read and signed.
  • Specific unit description that provides breakdown of rooms, amenities, etc. Click here for the form.
  • Contact information that consists of address, phone number and email.
  • A majority of the property management companies also list units with us, so please check with the company you do business with to ensure your property is listed with us.

If I have a contract with a property manager, are my units automatically listed with Central Reservations?

Because our contracts with property managers/management companies are specific to them, the answer to this question is no. It is up to the owner to confirm with their management company whether or not their unit is represented by Tourism Sun Peaks.

If I know my unit is listed with Central Reservations, can I contact them directly to inquire about the status of my bookings?

Anyone who is listed with Central Reservations is welcome to contact us if they have any questions about their units and the bookings related to Central Reservations. 

What if I would like to have my unit represented over Prime times only?

Central Reservations only represents owners that are making their property available for rent for more that 28 days out of a fiscal year.   

Can my unit(s) be pulled from Central Reservations without my knowledge?

If there is a contract in place between a home owner and Central Reservations directly, the answer is no. We would be in regular contact with you if your unit was in a position that it may be taken off line.

If the contract is with a property manager and Central Reservations, the answer is yes. There are a few reasons why a company would be taken off line, however, as our contract is with the company, it would be unethical for us to contact the homeowners directly unless it was the 3rd complaint about a specific property.

What reasons would entail having my unit taken off line?

  • Reasons for a company being taken off line include but are not limited to:
  • Product or service does not meet a minimum standard acceptable to TSP or the Resort guest. (Refer to Schedule B for policies and procedures). This includes failure to submit information that is outlined in Terms and Conditions.
  • If during the year there are two complaints about the performance of an operator, and Central Reservations has determined that in each case the client had a valid point, then the unit or units managed by that operator will not be sold by Central Reservations until the following two conditions are met.
  • At least four months from the date of the last complaint has passed.
  • The operator recognized the complaints, has taken the appropriate actions to remedy the cause of the complaints and has explained to TSP, in writing, the remedy and the action which has been taken to ensure that the reasons for the complaints no longer exists.
  • Upon receipt of a third complaint. Written notification will be sent to the property owner upon receipt of serious complaints (i.e.: dirty house, no keys upon check-in, non-payment of travel agent or TSP commissions, failure to provide off street parking for the guests, etc).
  • Non payment, by property owner or property manager of TSP membership assessment fees, commissions, etc.