Two riders on a flow trail at Sun Peaks Bike Park

Words and photos by Dylan Sherrard.

Long before we can lose ourselves in a flow state, first, we must find it.

Enhancing accessibility to flow is paramount in Jeff Cook’s imagination as he leads the Lifetime Outdoor team to create dirt waves that invite mountain bikers of any dynamic to discover and define their flow.

Everything you want in a flow trail and a mountain bike park, you have it here in Sun Peaks now.

- Jeff Cook, Lifetime Outdoor

Jeff Cook from Lifetime Outdoor

Jeff Cook from Lifetime Outdoor

Jeff Cook from Lifetime Outdoor looking at freshly built trail

Portraits of the Lifetime Outdoor team

An excavator building a bike trail

Collage of scenic mountain photos

In the blink of an eye, mountain biking’s popularity exploded and new riders came flocking in droves for a particularly desirable ride… effortless blue flow. The kind of ride that delivers progressive challenge before pointed, chunky terrain. Trails long on sightline and short on surprise. Where the number of berms and rolling tables stack as quickly as your confidence to charge through them. And with the addition of lines like Might As Well, Stella Blue, and Bad Habit, that’s what Lifetime Outdoor has injected into Sun Peaks.

DH rider jumping at Sun Peaks Bike Park

Collage of DH biking photos

To put our name on three full lines, on a fresh blank slate… it’s a huge opportunity.

DH rider schralping a berm

Collage of DH biking photos

And where Lifetime Outdoor sees opportunity, we see an open invitation to flow. 

Video Credits

Trail Builders: Jeff Cook, Luke Stewart, Connar Huddart, Megan Hawryluk
Riders: CJ Hauptman, Charlie Sissons, Noah Lara, Kiera Melnechuk, LeeAnne Ellis, Dylan Sherrard
Director/Photographer: Dylan Sherrard
Video: Lone Wolf Productions
Sound: Keith White Audio

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