DH rider jumping at Sun Peaks Bike Park

Words and photos by Dylan Sherrard.

If flow is in the eye of the beholder, Ron Penney of Landmark Trail Works holds that flow accountable to the highest standard. In a quest to remove our self-imposed limitations from our riding experience, Landmark serves up a simple solution in a trail that teaches us to let off our brakes and trust the shapes of the dirt. 

Ron Penney of Landmark Trail Works

Ron Penney of Landmark Trail Works

Ron Penney of Landmark Trail Works clearing brush

Portraits of the Landmark Trail Works team

Trail builder raking trail

Collage of scenic mountain and trail building photos

Enter Super Nugget - created as a building block to prepare riders for Sun Peaks’ archetype of amplitude, Steam Shovel - holding its own weight as the flagship of Sundance and an instant classic in the community.

Dh rider at Sun Peaks Bike Park

Collage of DH biking photos

The gaps between the blue trails and Steam Shovel were so massive - this trail is super important to bring people from where they are now, to where they imagine themselves going.

- Ron Penney, Landmark Trail Works

Two DH riders on the trail at sunset

Collage of DH bikers jumping

In the pursuit of consistency and amplitude with minimal consequence, the perfect building block of flow appears at Sun Peaks, allowing riders the chance to progress from blue squares to black diamonds with unshakable confidence in themselves and their ride.


Trail Builders: Ron Penney, Marcus Cant, Brad Stuart, Steve Scott
Riders: Ron Penney, Soren Farenholtz, Jesse Munden, Kyleigh Stewart, Matt Miles, Gus, Jared Gatzka, Marcus Cant
Director/Photographer: Dylan Sherrard
Video: Lone Wolf Productions
Sound: Keith White Audio

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The Sundance Mountain trail expansion project was made possible through funding from the Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative (TRTDI), facilitated by the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture & Sport.