A group of riders in the forest on Mt. Morrisey

Words and photos by Dylan Sherrard.

In the conversation of creating flow, we’re often occupied with pushing it to new heights. The elements of speed and amplitude shape the priority of progression as we carve our experiences.

Yet long before Brady Starr of Starr Trail Solutions and Sam Loxton of the Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association began scratching at the blueprints for pedal-access trails on Mt. Morrisey, they had a flow of a different kind in mind - pushing the riding experience to greater depths.

Portraits of Brady Starr and Sam Loxton

Excavator building a bike trail on Mt. Morrisey

Volunteer standing with rake on a bike trail

Collage of portraits

SPRTA volunteers building a bike trail

Collage of scenic mountain and trail building photos

Imagine a network that requires no ticket to ride. Where pushing on pedals becomes your pass to enjoy an active-rest day and access a deeper flow, outside of the Bike Park. Where you’ll find yourself winding upward beneath tall cedar trees and passing over alpine meadows with sweeping views of the resort, before turning the page to find fast paced, effortless rolling flow back toward the valley below. These charming conditions compose Starr Trails' contributions to Mt. Morrisey, Cedar Twist and Calypso Groove.  

Mountain bike rider on Mt. Morrisey

Collage of mountain biking photos on Mt.Morrisey

The biggest opportunity with this particular trail is it's opening up mountain biking to so many people. Hit the early morning laps before work, hit the evening laps after the park is closed. You don’t have to wait for a chair - it’s mountain biking 24/7 now.

- Brady Starr, Starr Trail Solutions

Mountain bikers riding on Mt. Morrisey with Tod Mountain in background

Collage of mountain biking photos on Mt.Morrisey

And no matter what time you ride, you’ll experience the depth of flow that marks Sun Peaks as a true mountain bike destination.


Trail Builders: Brady Starr, Chris Ritchie, Sam Loxton, SPRTA Volunteers
Riders: Mike Sleziak, Mark Fry, Kelly Kozevnikov, Jase Petersen, Leyla Johnson, Sam Loxton
Director/Photographer: Dylan Sherrard
Video: Lone Wolf Productions
Sound: Keith White Audio

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The Mt. Morrisey Destination Trail project was made possible through funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture & Sport's Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP) and Tourism Sun Peaks.