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Eco Initiatives - Air

Protecting fragile soils and vegetation on the mountains is critical to maintaining the local environment. Sun Peaks Resort has instituted a number of practices to minimize the impact of our operations.

Infrastructure - reduce

  • The village has been laid out to minimize the need for vehicle travel. An extensive network of walkways encourages guests to walk instead of drive.
  • By design, commercial accommodations and associated services are clustered in the resort core so that visitor use of vehicles is minimized.
  • Sun Peaks has a piped distribution system for clean burning propane gas. The system reduces the number of heavy truck movements required to supply individual storage tanks.

Snowmobile Fleet - reduce

  • Snowmobiles with two stroke engines have been phased out.
  • Four stroke snowmobiles are more fuel efficient, make less noise, and produce less harmful exhaust emissions.

Pisten Bully Snow Cats - reduce

  • Sun Peaks Resort has one of the most modern fleets of snow grooming machines in the industry.
  • The resort’s Pisten Bully Snow Cats burn less fuel per hour than other machines, delivering significant annual fuel savings.
  • New technology helps teams map efficient grooming paths and understand snow depth on the trails.

If you have any suggestions on how we can be better stewards of this mountain resort environment please contact us.