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Eco Initiatives - Fire

Summer wildfires are common in parts of British Columbia. Sun Peaks Resort has implemented a number of measures to minimize the risk of forest and structural fires.

Sun Peaks Fire Department

Sun Peaks Resort was the initial supporter of the Sun Peaks volunteer fire department including establishment of the fire hall and the provision of equipment. As the community grows, ensuring the fire department has the best tools and training remains a priority.

Utilization of On-Mountain SnowMaking System


Sun Peaks has a gravity fed snowmaking system, set up to provide additional water for firefighting purposes. The system has its own mountain reservoir and can supplement the municipal supply when needed.

  • The snowmaking system can dampen down slopes and increase humidity to prevent or slow fire spread.


Employee Training

A number of Sun Peaks employees are trained to assist fire crews in the event of a wildfire or urban interface event.

If you have any suggestions on how we can be better stewards of this mountain resort environment please contact us.