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Eco Initiatives - Fire

As the summer of 2003 showed, fire is a very real risk to the resort. Sun Peaks Resort has instituted several measures to minimize the risks of inter-face forest fires, as well as structural fires.

Sun Peaks Fire Department

Sun Peaks Resort was the initial supporter of the Sun Peaks volunteer fire department including establishment of the fire hall, provision of equipment, and the first fire truck.

Utilization of On-Mountain Snow Making System

Use of the on-mountain gravity fed snowmaking system to provide additional water supply for fire fighting purposes. The use of this system, with its own on mountain reservoir, provides an additional fire protection above that of the municipal water system.

  • During a construction site fire in October 2001, the slopes were wet down to protect the mountain and village areas to ensure fire did not spread.
  • During the fires of 2003, this system was fully operational to wet all the slope areas around the village, and provide an extra level of protection by raising the level of humidity.

Staff Training

Mandatory staff training to aid forestry in wildfire first response, and urban interface fires initial response.

If you have any suggestions on how we can be better stewards of this mountain resort environment please contact us.