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Eco Initiatives - Earth

Protecting the fragile soils and vegetation in the sub-alpine and alpine is critical to maintaining the local environment. Sun Peaks Resort has instituted numerous construction and operational practices to minimize damage.

Beetle Affected Logging - recycle

The resort has been selectively logging against bark beetles and other beetle affected timber proactively since 1995. Areas of beetle affected timber are considered when determining where to cut new ski runs, for example the Orient Ridge. 

Currently there are three beetle species affecting the local forests. Please click on the following links to learn more:

Learn more about Sun Peaks Resort's Beetle Management program 

Controlled On-Mountain Vehicle Traffic - reduce

Only official resort vehicles, contractors, and event organizers are permitted on the mountain's designated roadways. Resort grooming and mowing equipment is also permitted on the mountain. Recreational off-road vehicles are not permitted within the controlled recreation area. 

Erosion Measures

Where ever possible bioengineering methods (willows, hay, and coco matting) are used in slope stabilization. Outside of the ski area, erosion and sediment control measures are mandatory on all construction sites.

Fertilizers, Pesticides and Soil Amendments - reduce

All fertilizer and pesticide usage falls under Integrated Pest Management (User License # 13702). Integrated Pest Management is a provincial program whose goal is to eliminate unnecessary pesticide use. This program employs a systematic approach to preventing infestation of insects or disease using cultural and mechanical process, biological controls, or chemical controls when required. 

Although fertilizers, pesticides, and soil amendments are used on the Sun Peaks Resort Golf Course, a variety of techniques are used to minimize the impact on the eco-system.

  • Soil tests are conducted to pinpoint a precise fertility program and to identify fungal diseases, thereby decreasing unnecessary use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • No spray zones are established within 15 metres of riparian zones.
  • All fertilizers used on the golf course are an organic and synthetic combination to decrease the amount of synthetic products used.
  • When applying herbicides spot treatments are employed versus broad applications.
  • Grass clippings are mowed back into the turf as a way to decrease the amount of topical nitrogen used on the golf course.
  • Soil amendments are used to improve the soil’s physical properties such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration, and structure with the goal of providing a better environment for roots.  With increased health of the root system, less fertilizers are required.
  • Cultural and mechanical methods such as verticutting and aeration are used to reduce the population density of turf to open the canopy for better growth resulting in increased plant health to better protect against infection and disease. This equates to the use of less pesticides and fertilizers.

Sustainable Marketing Collateral - recycle

Sun Peaks Resort Brochures and Trail Maps are printed on paper made from 10 per cent post-consumer recycled content and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. The FSC logo is our assurance that the paper is sourced from suppliers that support the growth of responsible forest management. 

Printing on eco-friendly paper saved 25 trees, 17 million BTUs of energy, generated 8,936 gallons less waste water, and 1,479 fewer pounds of solid waste.

Office Recycling - recycle

  • 100% office paper recycling at Sun Peaks Resort LLP and Tourism Sun Peaks.
  • 100% recycling of all e-waste including computers, monitors, mobile phones, printers, and fax machines. This is made possible through the efforts of Encorp, operating throughout British Columbia.

Here are some ways to help minimize your environmental impact at the office.

  • Re-use non-confidential paper to print unofficial documents; two sides are better than one. Click here for more information.
  • Don’t print emails unless you really need to. Be part of the solution by copying and pasting this into your email signature:
    Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to!
  • Use fax post-its rather than cover pages.
  • Reduce paper usage by switching to electronic filing, and e-newsletters.
  • Turn off lights when not in use.
  • Use computer hibernation mode after a few minutes of no usage. 
  • Recycle office e-waste.

Mountain Operations - recycle

Recycling all aluminum, steel, tires, engine oil, antifreeze, varsol, contaminated fuel, oil and fuel filters, hydraulic fluid, and industrial containers. Instituted and operates a resort wide bottle and can recycling program.

Grease Usage and Waste Reduction - reduce

In an effort to reduce the amount of deep fryer grease used in the resort, which is also a potential animal attractant, the Sunburst Restaurant at mid-mountain eliminated the use of deep fryers. Both the Sunburst Restaurant and The Annex have removed all one-time use plastics which have been replaced with reusable or compostable dishes, cutlery, and takeout containers. The Annex employs tray sorting for waste and recycle management. 

Recycled Toilet Paper and Paper Towel - reduce & reuse

All toilet paper and paper towel used in Sun Peaks Resort LLP public and staff washrooms is made from 100% recycled material.

If you have any suggestions on how we can be better stewards of this mountain resort environment please contact us.