News Releases
May 15 2024

Sun Peaks Bike Park Celebrates 25 Years of Lift-Access Mountain Biking

This summer marks a milestone in Sun Peaks, as the Sun Peaks Bike Park celebrates 25 years of providing lift-access riding to mountain bikers from around the world. Multi-million dollar downhill trail investments over the past several years and momentum behind the community-based Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association have created a world-class mountain biking experience that now meets the desires of riders of all ages and abilities.
Mar 8 2018

Sun Peaks Centre obtains funding for building a year round economy

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality has received Federal Gas Tax Funding to expand and enhance the existing sport centre. The improved facility will include a multi-purpose indoor facility capable of hosting up to 3,000 participants, enabling the community to host concerts, large sporting and recreational events as well as corporate/association trade shows from May to November. These activities will significantly address the seasonality challenges facing the Sun Peaks community today.